Interview With Author John R Afamasaga

Tyler: Welcome, John. Judging from our communications in the process of setting up this interview, you seem to be in good spirits. Is there any particular reason for this vigor?

John: Maybe I’m ready to predict what life will be like in 2045, how ingrained GOOGLE will be, and how we as humans will take responsibility for the environment.

Tyler: Go on.

John: Hardware manufacturers have to be real about their long-term strategies. Where are we going to dump all the stuff that becomes redundant? As consumers, we have to take responsibility for what we want. For example, a new cell phone every year-Afanasy, Little Lazoo, Missy Evon and the cast say if you want portable communication, take a chip. Insert the thing inside yourself.

Tyler: And GOOGLE?

John: They’re already showing signs of maturity in their strategy. I thought they were a bit much while mapping the planet, but I get the feeling they’re ready to put their POWER to good use.

Tyler: Just what do you mean by “POWER” and why with a capital P?

John: Responsibility is power, in the giant’s case, it clearly has acquired clout and status-a position of responsibility by being able to provide for so many people on so many levels-shareholders, Internet users, and so on.

The caps on the word Power is a notation I use in the work to differentiate between Lazoo a human shell, James Elton, and LAZOO the PointSlayer an entity with InterDimension ability. The same as power and POWER as is the case in GOOGLE’s statue as both icon and service provider.

Tyler: You won’t mind that I say, because I know you a little better now, that to people reading this, that sounds arrogant, or the ravings of a lunatic… woking taxis

John: How many people are we talking about-five, six, maybe twelve counting the people who approve of it? No but seriously, GOOGLE like Microsoft is at the core a group of like-minded individuals who as a collective have huge voices. GOOGLE has the luxury; while it’s a massive company in the business world, its image, or its persona is totally pliable. At a glance, GOOGLE is still an almost blank canvas, with a text field and above that a brand name, with six letters, the number of letters in what it does, and that is SEARCH.

GOOGLE has proven it can do anything it wants to do, but it’s who it is because it’s composed of responsible entities. Hence the position it’s acquired for itself in history. Like I always say, imagine if Bill Gates were someone like, well you know the type, like, ah? You know, dictator type, with megalomaniac tendencies, you know?

Tyler: What do you think the Hardware Manufacturers are going to do?

John: There’s huge money in reversing what has happened. Recycling the Hardware out there for FUEL, and building products. Stop producing new materials, and turn existing waste into a renewable energy. Create a demand for new materials made from what we have, and let the resources replenish themselves.

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