the sixth and seventh rules

The fourth rule is a visa page Renewal Service Activity. The Ajman free zone cost covers the third and fourth rule of the Ajman visa renewal process. The total time taken to complete the entire process is three years. The period may be extended by a further twenty-four months at the sole discretion of the issuer. Only… Continue reading the sixth and seventh rules

The third rule is a cancellation

The first rule is a no visa fee certificate. The certificate shows that the applicant has submitted a complete application form and all the required documents to the concerned authorities. Once the visa is granted, a copy of the certificate is given to the concerned authority and kept with the original copy. This certificate does… Continue reading The third rule is a cancellation

MacBook Air review

MacBook Air review: laptop for travel So you’ve decided to upgrade your laptop for travel, or buy your first laptop specifically for travel. Now the situation on the market is such that normal laptops for travelers can be counted on the fingers of one hand. There are either cheap netbooks that do not carry an… Continue reading MacBook Air review

The best Qualcomm Snapdragon

The best Qualcomm Snapdragon processors and their types | Qualcomm Snapdragon Snapdragon processors are from the American company Qualcomm, which specializes in communications systems, and it is the first in the world in the manufacture of smart phone processors, which provides processors mainly to Android phones and tablets in all price groups. First / the… Continue reading The best Qualcomm Snapdragon

Genderless perfumes

The perfume becomes genderless. Farewell to fragrances “pour femme” or “pour homme”: the new frontier of perfumery is unisex. As has already happened in fashion, even the world of perfumes renounces the classic gender distinction by focusing on shared smells: in short, it seems that those advertisements on the “man who must never ask” will… Continue reading Genderless perfumes

With Their Colors, Their Soft Flickering

Christmas Lights: Once again, with the arrival of winter, people huddled in front of their fireplaces and the children began to get excited about the arrival of Christmas. Nougats, polvorones, gifts and lights. Oh, the Christmas lights, with their colors, their soft flickering… what would this holiday season be without them? The streets would… Continue reading With Their Colors, Their Soft Flickering

Zigya comes with an objective

Zigya comes with an objective of providing a Resource Centre for all to tap into; where students learn at their own pace and in their own style. In its spirit of achieving universalization of education, Zigya Resource Centre comes absolutely free to the people who need it the most – be it students or educators.… Continue reading Zigya comes with an objective